What is

RETS servers handle 3 main purposes:

  1. To provide detailed descriptions of the types of data and fields you can receive
  2. To deliver data matching what #1 describes
  3. To deliver objects (mainly photos) for records provided as part of #2

RETS M.D. tries to handle, simplify and summarize #1 while also providing small glimpses into #2 and #3. Since the information learned from #1 is often a one-time need, using a pre-built metadata viewing tool is often a much better option compared to writing a custom application which will show you much of the same information.

Using the information filled into the login page on, the site will begin communicating with the given RETS server so it can learn about what it has to offer. Several things are discovered during this time, including:

  • What capabilities the server has
  • What categories (and sub-categories) of data are made available
  • Whether or not those categories support photos belonging to records
  • What kinds of fields can be retrieved from each sub-category

This service is created to provide you with as much information as is typically needed while trying to hide as many of the often-unused details in the background.

All of the information and features this site contains are made possible by using PHRETS as the underlying RETS library allowing it to communicate with compliant RETS servers.

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New IP address! Note that now communicates with RETS servers using a different IP address. If your RETS credentials are restricted by IP address, your provider may need to allow in order for this tool to work.